Tuesday, April 10, 2012

to your health

My friend Jane is an insane cook, health guru and elementary school teacher. 
And she writes one of the most interesting blogs around. 
And runs a fabulous homemade, shipped-straight-to-your-front-door granola business. 
I suspect that underneath her (super chic) outfits there is spandex, tights and a cape.
 Her recipe for Almond Oat Waffles (pictured above) is breakfast a staple in my house, as well as her Green Smoothie
Oh, and her special occasion Oatmeal Cake. So. Freaking. Good.
The best part about her blog, besides the incredibly delicious recipes, are her tips for better eating and health. She uses all natural ingredients, no sugar, no processed garbage, and the results are always more than merely edible. 
They are scrumptious. 
Something your kids will want more of. 
Something to write home about. 
Or at least to gush about on your blog.


  1. HOLD IT! this is the nicest!!!! gosh. making me smile over here. I'm so glad you like the recipes. so great to hear, especially coming from you. We had so much fun cooking in our early college days. I miss that.

  2. yay for jane! super hero jane, most definitely

  3. wow jane is so amazing she blows my mind, wish i had half the talent she does. love this post, and your blog too!!! good job for cooking healthy :)

  4. If I cooked half as good as Jane I'd be set for life.

    If I cooked at all....