Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hash It Out: Hash House A Go Go; Vegas

 Vegas road trip. 
Parents had the kids.
Post RAGE triathlon. 
Had to do it. 

I have been hearing about this so-called "Twisted Farm Food" for a while now, and, well, farm food is right up my alley. And, let's face it, I'm a little bit twisted. 
Match made in heaven. 

Now, I would expound upon the intense flavors, stunning presentation, and fantastic date night if I had the time. But I don't. 
I really don't. 
So I'll let the food speak for itself.
 Caesar Salad with a soy-ginger drizzle (brown puddle), fresh croutons (yum), shaved parm (mmhmm) and (pet peeve alert!!) an "edible" garnish of dry angel hair pasta. Now, if you love eating dry pasta, then 1) Why are you reading this? We cannot be friends. and 2) Eww. The waiter made sure to tell us it was edible because the inedible garnish fashion died out with the dinosaurs. But I tried not to let it bother me. You will, please, do the same.
 This was my pick on the menu (the hubs and I shared the salad as an appetizer, and each ordered a legit menu item): the Fried Green Tomato Stack. This monster was literally under the header "Just for Grazing" on the menu. Who on earth could graze on this?
I could.
Every day.
For the rest of forever.
Fried green tomatoes, chicken salad, goat cheese, balsamic.
(Minus the rosemary sprig [actually and truly inedible] and pasta. I get the the-higher-the-better thing, but... Oops! I said it wouldn't get to me. Sorry about that.)
K ordered the Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles. 
Bacon waffles.
Look closely. See the whole bacon slices actually protruding from said waffles? 
Yep. That's legit. 
Topped with a hot maple reduction and crispy-fried leeks, this tower literally combined all of my favorite foods: Fried chicken, waffles and bacon. 
I was meant to be a Southerner. 

If you are ever in Vegas. Or San Diego. Or Reno. check this place out! It was a super fun night, and a meal that I will not soon forget. In fact, I'll be planting my tomatoes soon, and I have a funny feeling that not one of them will make it to red this year.

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